Prolonged Fast Revised

I guess I need to change the title of this blog, because I’m going at it again but this time with different criteria. I’m doing a fast, but instead of a water fast, I’m doing a juice fast. I’m committing to at least 30 days with the intention of ultimately going for 60 days. image0000001.jpg

I am choosing to juice instead of water because I am biking 14 miles a day to get to and from work and need to have the energy to maintain my activities. With water fasting in the past I have found my energy levels drop too low, and my body only wants to rest. Juicing also allows for the intake of nutrients that I am nearly sure I am deficient, especially water soluble vitamins which would be depleted rapidly on a water only fast. I also need to worry less about electrolyte imbalance or trouble sleeping, which I experience with water fasting but is alleviated when I ingest a small amount of carbohydrates in the  evening (which can be juice.)

Juicing also is easier for me, mentally. Instead of being deprived of everything, I can maintain a level of food prep/taste satisfaction from making different juices. So together, these are my reasons for juice instead of water.

My reasons for the length of the fast is that with the shorter fasts in the past, they have not been long enough to break my habits. I count down the days to when I can go back to eating and then healthy changes don’t stick. With a long fast, I am hoping this will be enough for the mindset shift to occur and hold. I will also achieve more fat loss and more toxin release the longer my fast. I’m also going to be seeing my family for the first time in years this fall and I want to look my best.

I’m actually telling my boss about the juice fast this time, which will help keep me accountable to not touch all the junk food laying around at work, and he is joining me for at least a week of it.

I bought a new juicer and it has been amazing! So much better than my old juicer. It has a wide mouth which saves me a ton of time cutting up produce, and I get much more juice out of everything than I did before. The blades also seem a lot more powerful at demolishing anything I give it without any struggle. I made the above juice and had about 4lbs of produce left over! I had originally thought I didn’t have enough produce for it all because my expectations were set from the previous juicer.

With juicing, I’m actually looking forward to my juices and to the entire process of the juice fast. With the water fasting I just wanted to close my eyes and be at the end of it. I think that will make a huge difference and will make me able to succeed on this. A long juice fast like this has been on my bucket list for a long time.

My recent ex partner told me last week they want to divorce my asap. I knew it was coming but it was a conversation in which my final attempt at resolve was rejected and it ended the last string of hope I had, making me certain that I had to move on alone. I’m not going to lie, I spent the Saturday and Sunday crying into a bowl of ice cream and watching Netflix. By Monday afternoon I got up, did laundry, made all my juice, cleaned my room, showered and finally felt ready to start processing it all.

I know I have used food as a way to numb myself. Whenever I remove it I am met with seemingly unbearable heartbreak. After that conversation, I’m ready to process the heartache. I needed food to stave it off when I wasn’t ready for it, and now I need to heal.

My fasting officially starts June 1st (in 2 days) but I started yesterday easing into it so I will have 3 full days of weaning myself off food to prepare. I’m juicing and eating just small, easily digestible foods (this morning I had a banana).


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