Progress Pictures

So the last few days I have been 136 but I woke up today and suddenly 133! I figured it would be 135 so this was a nice surprise. I decided it was time for some progress pictures. 3 weeks ago I was 153, and 18 days ago when I started my IF and ketogenic style eating I was 148. So in less than a month I have dropped 20lbs. The before pictures I took were at 148, so here we go:


If you look at my feet on the rug, I’m actually standing closer to the mirror in the 133lb pictures than in the 148lb pictures, so I think I’m slightly smaller in comparison than it actually looks. I would have expected 15lb difference to look bigger honestly, but you can definitely tell and I’m not about to complain! Especially in the sideways picture, because I am not sucking in my gut anymore in the second than I was in the first (just a gentle abdominal contraction in both).

Hooray! Here is to another successful week!


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