40 Day Water Fast Day 5

Morning weight: 140lbs

I’m finally starting to feel lighter — my pants fit looser which feels good, and I have plenty of energy and alertness, although I feel rather shaky and got dizzy standing up too fast a couple times. My mood is also really great; very positive and productive. I did have a moment this morning where I heard my roommate rummaging around in the kitchen and a surge of anger rose up in my against him for being able to eat. It was so sudden and furious I had to laugh at myself, and it went away immediately.

My headache is absent today as are my carb cravings, which makes me think I may be over the hurdle into ketosis by now. I haven’t taken a test strip to tell. Starting yesterday and into today though I have been having to clean my ears and blow my nose a lot; I don’t feel like I have a cold but I’m producing more mucous and apparently more ear goop than usual. My intestines continue to ache occasionally as does my spine. I have acne on my arms which is an entirely new experience for me ever. I also have experienced a bit of nausea today, which drinking more water and taking an activated charcoal tablet fixed.

I woke up with swollen lymph nodes under my arms. They started to hurt yesterday and this morning it was much worse. I looked up online if this was a detox symptom and it definitely is: to be honest I had no idea that the primary purpose of the entire lymphatic system is actually detoxing, so this makes way too much sense! When your lymphatic system is having a hard time getting toxins out that can make you retain water weight also, which might account for my face looking unusually puffy the last few days as well. Apparently circulation is needed to help your lymphatic system so I took a few actions:

  1. I bought a dry brush. You can pay a good $40+ for one at a health store, but I found a good, wooden handle one at the 99 cent store! Brushing your skin apparently has numerous benefits, including assisting your lymphatic system detox. It’s recommended to do this twice a day but I’m just aiming for before each shower, or else whenever I think of it and want to. I tried it today and it feels pretty good.
  2. I committed to 15 minutes a day of yoga for the rest of the cleanse. Even on days where my energy may be low I can do some form of gentle stretching which will help.
  3. I went to the park and took a 45 minute walk. I plan on taking a walk outside nearly every day that I can, and I even got some light ankle weights to help my body maintain muscle. It’s important that I don’t do any strenuous exercise that depends on blood glucose and tears muscles (such as weight lifting at the gym which I love to do) as I’m not taking in any protein or carbohydrates to support it, but walking and gentle yoga will help my body maintain the muscle I already have, stimulate blood circulation to assist detox, burn a little extra fat, and when I’m outside, help with vitamin D intake. I also downloaded a podcast app on my phone and found that one of my favorite motivational speakers, Tony Robbins, has a podcast! Will definitely be listening to them while I take my walks. I did today and it was amazing…
  4. Also at the 99 cent store, I bought a bag full of fresh lemons and starting putting a couple slices in my water. What’s funny is I used to hate lemon water, but somehow now I like it? Could be that my taste buds are changing as I’m detoxing, which happened to me on my previous 13 day fast: I went from craving ice cream and Oreo cookies, to craving fruits and vegetables. I remember broccoli tasting incredible flavorful and slightly salty after that!


Another thing I’m really excited about is I bought myself a body fat measurement tool. I used to use this daily on myself and clients when I worked as a trainer, but I haven’t used one on myself in over a year, and my body is totally different. At my lowest, I came in at 122lbs and 17% body fat. Post-fast, my goal is to beat those numbers. We’ll see what the exact goal is when I get the body fat measurement, but I’m currently thinking I would like to ultimately see 118lbs and 12% body fat. We’ll see….I’m working on creating a “Success Board” to hang on my wall, filled with motivating quotes and reminders of my goals.

I’m very excited to be getting back towards a healthy lifestyle and aim to be the healthiest I have ever been. I know many people who “reset” with a fast go into a raw, vegan lifestyle post-fast, or paleo, or some kind of restrictive diet. It’s important to me that I don’t place rules like that on my food intake: in the past I have done just about every popular diet model there is, and as a chronic dieter and person with a past of extreme eating disorders, my goal is to not to be on a restrictive diet, but simply to listen to my body and make healthy food choices going forward. I know what healthy food and balance looks like: in the past I didn’t trust myself to make these decisions and put so many rules over myself. I trust myself now. I’m on a journey to loving and healing myself now, and these types of rules have no place in my life anymore. It’s not about rules, it’s about using guidelines to make the best decisions for your body day by day.

I’m really, really looking forward to that. One of the issues I had last year was a leaky gut, and I was gluten and dairy intolerant, with ongoing digestive problems, so I had to be on special diets for awhile. When I had surgery in December, everything cleared up: my body can now digest anything I give it. I’m SO thankful for this gift and never want to abuse it.

Tomorrow is Monday. I look forward to posting an update then!



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