40 Day Water Fast Day 1 (with pictures)

Day 1 is half over. I went to the store and bought a second scale, a full length mirror, shaved my head, got rid of the little food I had left here, took my pictures and measurements and accumulated my survival kit below:


image0000001 (1)

Top row are from left to right:

  1. Activated charcoal. This binds to surrounding gunk in your gut so that it leaves your system. I’ll be taking this when I experience nausea due to detox.
  2. Ascrobic Acid. This form of vitamin C is pure and powdered, taking a sufficient amount of this it will flush out my intestines like salt water cleanse.
  3. Magnesium Citrate. This serves the same purpose as the Ascorbic Acid and works the same way.
  4. Water. Mostly I will be drinking plain, filtered water. I got this water bottle with electrolytes in it as a big of a self indulgence.
  5. Ketone strips: these will tell me when I’m hitting ketosis and my body starts burning it’s own fat as fuel instead of food in my stomach of glucose in my blood and liver. Since this is guaranteed to happen with a 40 day fast (likely to occur by day 4) I will be using these mostly because I’m curious to know and because I have them left over from my last 14 day fast about 5 months ago.
  6. Melatonin: this supplement helps me sleep at night. I bought the gummies because the 5 cals of sugar actually helps make it more effective. Science.
  7. Enemas. I haven’t done too many of these but in the past few fasts I have experienced mid back pain and recently read it is due to accumulation of toxins in your lower intestines and that an enema will help get rid of this, so I’ll be trying it.
  8. Finally, carbonated water (no sweetener or sweetener substitutes, and gum, to help me stay feeling full and alert at work during the rough patches.

Row 2, left to right:

  1. Cinnamon and Tumeric are anti inflammatory agents
  2. Green tea to help with the fat burn and for staying alert
  3. Potassium: the mineral most vital to replenish regularly for a steady heartbeat. Usually you get enough from food, but when water fasting, lack of this mineral can cause heart failure!
  4. Cod Liver oil as another anti-inflammatory
  5. A multivitamin and a prescription grade B complex supplement left over from when I had leaky gut last year and my doctor prescribed it–B vitamins need regular replenishment and are essential to proper metabolism function. I made sure the multivitamin had calcium, vitamin D, vitamin k, magnesium, iron, zinc, chloride, and more.


Now for my stats: The old scale said I weighed 150 and the new scale said I weighed 146, so I’m going to average the numbers and say I’m 148, which is perfect as my goal weight (not for the fast but ultimately) is exactly 30lbs less than this. I don’t have a goal weight for the fast, my goal with the fast is to complete it!

I took measurements with a tape measure as well. I have never done this for a fast but have done it before plenty of times to measure fitness progress (for example: weight stayed the same but lost 2 inches of stomach fat and gained 1/2 an inch in the shoulders!)

Neck: 14 inches

Hips, widest point: 141 inches

Thigh (10″ above top of knee cap): 24 inches

“Spare Tire” ring (2 inches below belly button): 35 inches

Waist: 27 inches

I’ll remeasure periodically, but not daily.

Now for the pictures:


I haven’t been this out of shape in years, and this is only about 10lbs shy of my heaviest weight. I should note that I am a really short guy: only 5’4, so these weights may sound really thin to a normal, taller guy. The numbers aren’t great to me, but more than that is the way my body feels: tired, covered in fat, and filled with garbage. Over the last year and a half I have experienced the most health complications I have ever had that really crippled my quality of life, and I’m incredibly grateful to be coming out on the other side as well as I am. Being sick made me realize what a gift a functioning body truly is, and mine has fought hard for me.

I can confidently say I’m not ashamed of these pictures and I am proud of who I have become so far in life, and I want the absolute best for my body. I’m making a commitment to my body to treat it kindly, with the best care and love possible. I know I need more than fat loss: I need healing and renewing from the inside out.

I tried to make these photos accurate — not magnifying either my body fat or minimizing it. I want to have documentation and know it wasn’t skewed. I know I could take pictures that make me look both worse and better than these do.

How do I feel today? It’s about 4pm and my body doesn’t know what’s happening yet. I’m used to small stretches without food and I ate a substantial amount of food yesterday for lunch and dinner.

Looking forward to posting an update tomorrow.


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